02J Hydraulic clutch conversion kit MK2, 35i, Corrado

Hydraulic clutch kit 02J (adapter + master cylinder + slave cylinder + reservoir + feedline + steel braided pressure line) for Volkswagen Golf MK2, Corrado, Passat 35i, Jetta MK2



Plug and play pedal

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    Hydro clutch pedal MK2, 35i, Corrado pin style LHD 134,96

Brake cylinder 22mm non ABS

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    Main brake cylinder VAG 22mm non ABS 37,35

Brake/clutch fluid DOT 4 SL

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    0.5L ATE DOT 4 SL brake and hydraulic clutch fluid 7,02
    5.0L ATE SL DOT 4 brake and hydraulic clutch fluid 24,12

Brake/clutch pedal rubber pad

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    Rubber pad clutch or brake pedal MK2, 35i, Corrado 3,56

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Everything you need to convert your car to a hydraulic clutch set up!
You can also use this kit to delete or to replace the old style ABS by a more modern version (separate ABS unit, instead of at the master brake cylinder).

The TR Motoring MK2 hydraulic clutch conversion kit for left hand drive cars is based on the original Golf 2 G60, Corrado and Passat 35i non ABS parts. You can combine components of this kit with original parts, i.e. our bracket will suit the original G60 pedal box and vice versa.

We offer complete kits and individual parts to suit your demands. You can expand our basic kits with additional components like pedals and brake cylinders. We offer these options at a reduced price compared to the individual listing price.

General advantages of a hydraulic clutch set up:
– Self-adjusting when the clutch plate wears
– Easier to modulate and a more consistent actuation
– Able to transfer higher forces when changing diaphragm or clutch plate type
– Being prepared for future swaps, by just changing the pressure line you could swap between 02A, 02S, 02J, 02M and 02Q.

The original manufacturer part numbers are for reference and search reasons only, meaning it is not an OEM part. Therefore, please countercheck your vehicle. The offered part only fits defined car models, engines and transmissions. If you are not sure, please send us an e-mail with your VIN number and we are happy to assist.

Reference original part no:
Weight 2,10 kg
Dimensions 390 × 210 × 90 mm




Adapter no.

HC13 001

Master cylinder no.

HC13 010

Slave cylinder no.

HC13 015

Reservoir no.

HC13 012

Feedline no.

HC13 027

Pressure line no.

HC13 025

Mounting style

Using original G60 / Corrado M8 holes