VAG 020 – 5 speed shift cable adapterkit plug and play


SKU: AP21 001

Do you want to convert your VAG 020 5-speed gearbox to shift cables instead of the standard rod actuation? Then you will require this adapter plate in combination with our reinforced motorsport shift cables. You can use the 020 5-speed adaptation kit only in combination with the TR classic and premium line short shifters. Please note that it only fits 020 gearboxes with differential bolts on both sides (i.e. does not fit on FN gearboxes)

The kit contains:
  • all required mounting material (and when ordered in combination with the cables they will be pre-assembled)
  • a plug and play solution for cars without subframe (MK1 and Scirocco) and with subframe (MK2, MK3, Corrado, etc.) in combination with our shifters
  • no welding or hardware modification required!

The biggest advantage of shifting cables compared to rod actuation is the increased flexibility. Especially in autocross and rally disciplines impacts might deform the chassis, with a rod actuation this might become problematic when the alignment is off.

The reinforced motorsport cables will enhance gearshifts due to increased rigidity, i.e. these racing cables will give a more precise feedback resulting in less missed shifts.
Besides the thicker inner and steel supported outer cable it also replaces the OEM plastic bushes by metal nuts and CNC machined stainless steel rings. Furthermore, the solid spherical joints, also known as uniballs, replace the OEM plastic cable ends.
The dust caps protect the cables from foreign particles, making them also suitable for off-road applications. The high quality internals do not only minimize friction, but will also secure a reliable and maintenance free system. The cables come with high quality heat protection and two rubber grommets.

Important remark: even though there is a heat protection on the cables, please carefully shield it from heat sources, make sure there is enough air gap. Furthermore, protect the cables for rubbing against (sharp) components. Route the cables as straight as possible and prevent sharp turns.

Weight 2,10 kg
Dimensions 540 × 450 × 120 mm





Only fits TRM shifters


On differential

Gearbox type

020 5 speed rod actuated

Mounting and connection

Complete with mounting material

Outer cable length sideways motion [mm]


Outer cable length for- and backwards motion [mm]


Maximal cable diameter [mm]



Aluminium, Stainless steel, Steel, Teflon


Dark grey, silver

Colour adapter plate

Glass pearl blasted stainless steel, Black powder coated