Short shifter VAG premium line top mount carbon fibre / black (020 / 02A / 02J / 02M / 02Q / 02T / 02S)


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    VAG 020 – 5 speed shift cable adapterkit plug and play Original price was: €415,00.Current price is: €373,50.
    VAG 02A Motorsport cables plug and play – standard Original price was: €275,00.Current price is: €247,50.
    VAG 02J / 02M / 02Q / MQ350 / MQ 500 Motorsport cables – standard Original price was: €280,00.Current price is: €252,00.
    use own OEM 02J/02M/02Q cables (cables not included) Original price was: €0,00.Current price is: €0,00.

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Take your race- or project car to the next level with TR Motoring performance short shifter!

The premium line over tunnel H-profile quick shifter is available for multiple Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda gearboxes:
– 020 by using our adapter kit with motorsport cables
– 02A by using our reinforced our motorsport cables or by swapping the tower on the gearbox to a 02J type and run the OEM 02J cables or with our reinforced motorsport cables
– 02J / 02S / 02T / 02M / 02Q / MQ350 / MQ 500 plug and play OEM cables or with our reinforced motorsport cables


These premium line shifters are mounted on top of the tunnel. The distinctive needle bearing positions in the fully CNC machined front and rear panels around the centre stick allow for a superb packaging with an increased precision compared to the traditional short shifters. Besides solving the dimensional challenges a light weight philosophy is used during the design phase.

For Volkswagen Golf MK1, Cabriolet, Jetta MK1, Scirocco and Caddy MK1 we offer a plug and play bracket that mounts on the original bolt pattern. Furthermore it aligns the shifter with the plastic centre console. Note that still some slight modifications to the plastic have to be made in order to make room for the cable mount. Obviously, cables need to run inside the car.

For other chassis this shifter requires drilling four M6 mounting holes in the chassis. Also here the cables have to be routed from the engine bay towards the inside of the car. This racing shifter comes with installation guide and mounting material for the shifter cables.

The advantages of the TRM motorsport shifter over OEM shifters:

– Short travel from gear to gear, i.e. shifting faster
– More precise feeling and feedback due to the motorsport oriented design which is based on performance and reliability
– Strong self-centring spring avoids expensive mis-shifts, mainly from 2nd to 1st instead of 3rd.
– Enhanced reverse lockout mechanism that avoids selecting reverse before and during operation. Prevent launches in reverse.
– Being closer to the steering wheel reduces the potential of missing the gear knob in heat of the action
– The shorter path between the steering wheel and the shifter knob will allow the driver to have the hand on the steering wheel quicker
– Esthetical racing appearance with light weight features, also very suitable for show and shine purposes
– Fully adjustable on the side lever position and ratio
– Individual end stops allow for a precise set-up and can even lock gears.

Our shifters are highly customizable, please contact us directly for inquiries regarding custom frames, colours, materials, knobs and surface treatments!

Note that our shifters are intended for track use only and are not homologated for road use!


The reinforced motorsport cables will enhance gearshifts due to increased rigidity, i.e. these racing cables will give a more precise feedback resulting in less missed shifts.
Besides the thicker inner and steel supported outer cable it also replaces the OEM plastic bushes by metal nuts and CNC machined stainless steel rings. Furthermore, the solid spherical joints, also known as uniballs, replace the OEM plastic cable ends.
The dust caps protect the cables from foreign particles, making them also suitable for off-road applications. The high quality internals do not only minimize friction, but will also secure a reliable and maintenance free system. The cables come with high quality heat protection and two rubber grommets.

Weight 1,81 kg
Dimensions 500 × 300 × 150 mm





Over tunnel, drilling chasis required

Reverse lock out

Handgrip lockout

Mounting and connection

4x M6, For MK1: plug and play in combination with adapter

Knob height from tunnel [mm]


Frame dimensions HxLxW [mm]


Thread size knob



Aluminium, Carbon fibre, Stainless steel, uniballs plated steel


Black, silver

Colour shifter knob

Black, Black lightweight, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver, Titanium grey, Yellow gold